Born to Honour Full Curriculum Digital Bundle
Born to Honour Full Curriculum Digital Bundle
Born to Honour Full Curriculum Digital Bundle
Born to Honour Full Curriculum Digital Bundle

Born to Honour Full Curriculum Digital Bundle

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Born to Honour is a seven-part curriculum uniquely designed to teach children what it means to truly honour. Innovatively crafted for children ages 1-12, this fun and interactive curriculum will engage even the youngest child.

Through this curriculum your child will: 
  • Establish an honouring culture 
  • Memorise the Word of God and declare it over themself 
  • Be inspired through personal and real-life stories from Bible characters 
  • Grow in their faith and relationship with God 


This Born to Honour curriculum bundle includes: 
  • Seven power-packed and engaging episodes 
  • The “Born to Honour” music video 
  • A comprehensive leader’s guide 
  • Downloadable worksheets and activities (e.g. posters, sheet music) 
  • Printable decorations (e.g. bunting) 
  • Graphics, service slides, promotional material (e.g. logo, photos) 
  • Audio (Backing and Full Tracks) 
  • Praise & Worship bonus package


Each episode features: 
  • A key lesson to teach children to honour the people around them and the world God has put them in 
  • A Bible memory verse of the week 
  • Engaging and animated characters 
  • Inspiring stories about honour from the Bible 
  • Activities and practical tips to apply the lesson in real life 


Episode 1: Honour the King of Kings (25 minutes)
Join in on the tales that take place in the Kingdom of Honour in the Born to Honour series! Along with King Honour, his subjects and Daniel, watch this episode to learn what it means to honour the King of Kings.  


Episode 2: Honour His Word (21 minutes)
As it says in Isaiah 40:8, the Word of our God lives on forever! Exploring the Bible story of Naaman’s servants, this fun episode teaches us about obeying and honouring God’s Word.  


Episode 3: Honour Those Above (21 minutes)
How do we honour people who are above us, like our parents and teachers? It may not always be easy, but we look into the story of Ruth and learn the practical application of Ephesians 6 for our lives!  


Episode 4: Honour the Brotherhood (22 minutes)
In this episode, we have the honour of meeting the Jewish man of Jericho who tells us about the Bible story of the Good Samaritan. Be inspired to love each other like brothers and sisters, just as the Good Samaritan did!  


Episode 5: Honour Thyself (20 minutes)
The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:20 that we were bought for a price, so we should honour God with our bodies. Listen to the unrivalled story of Jesus and how His sacrifice makes our lives a gift to be honoured. 


Episode 6: Honour With Your Best (19 minutes)
Meet the special guest, Lady Willow the widow of Jerusalem as she tells a story about honouring God with your best. Whether we have little or much, we should honour God with our best knowing that He will take care of us, just like He did with the widow in this story. 


Episode 7: Honour the Earth (24 minutes)
Did you know that God made everything that we have on this Earth and that all its people belong to Him? In this episode, we learn some practical ways in which we can steward and care for the Earth. 


The Born to Honour curriculum is the sixth instalment of Kingdomcity’s “Born to Be...” kids curriculum series, written and directed by Jemima Varughese. It features themes such as honouring the King of kings, honouring God’s Word, honouring people, and honouring the world. This curriculum will set your children on the path of knowing how to honour God by honouring the people around them and the world they live in. Dive into the seven episodes in this curriculum and learn more about how we were born to honour! 

This digital download package includes seven powerful video messages that your children will love, along with custom-made printable activities, original kids’ music, curriculum guides for teachers and pastors, and much more! This package also includes eight bonus Kids Praise & Worship videos that your children will love! 


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