Born to Dream Full Curriculum Digital Bundle
Born to Dream Full Curriculum Digital Bundle
Born to Dream Full Curriculum Digital Bundle
Born to Dream Full Curriculum Digital Bundle

Born to Dream Full Curriculum Digital Bundle

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Born to Dream is an 11-part curriculum uniquely designed to teach children about how God speaks to them through dreams and visions. Innovatively crafted for children ages 1-12, this fun and interactive curriculum will engage even the youngest child. 

Through this curriculum your child will: 
  • Learn to explore the different forms dreams can take 
  • Memorise the Word of God and declare it over themself 
  • Be inspired through personal and real-life stories of influential figures 
  • Use their gifts in line with their purpose 
  • Grow in their faith and relationship with God 


This Born for Purpose curriculum bundle includes: 
  • 11 power-packed and engaging episodes 
  • 11 “The Dreamword” Scripture videos 
  • The “D.R.E.A.M.S.” music video 
  • A comprehensive leader’s guide 
  • Downloadable worksheets and activities (e.g. posters, sheet music) 
  • Printable decorations (e.g. bunting) 
  • Graphics, service slides, promotional material (e.g. logo, photos) 
  • Audio (Backing and Full Tracks) 
  • Praise & Worship bonus package


Each episode features: 
  • A key lesson to teach children about how God speaks through dreams 
  • A Bible memory verse of the week 
  • Engaging and animated illustrations 
  • Inspirational stories from Biblical figures 
  • Activities and practical tips to apply the lesson in real life 


Episode 1: Encounter Dreams | Jacob (17 minutes)
We were born to dream! Watch Jacob’s story and his encounter with God in a dream that encouraged him and gave him a promise to hold on to for the rest of his life. 


Episode 2: Destiny Dreams | Joseph (17 minutes)
God wants to show you your destiny through dreams, and just like Joseph’s story in this episode, it can change your life forever!  


Episode 3: Confirmation Dreams | The Midianite (22 minutes)
Did you know that our dreams can confirm God’s plan for us? In this episode, watch how the dreams that the Midianites had confirmed God’s victorious plans for them.  


Episode 4: Nightmares (21 minutes)
The enemy wants to steal our dreams and discourage us by giving us nightmares. But we have Jesus, who is greater than anything else in the world, and we can call on His name when we have nightmares. 


Episode 5: Impartation Dreams | Solomon (21 minutes)
The famous King Solomon asked God for wisdom in his dream and God blessed him! In this episode, find out more about how dreams can impart something into us that can change our lives. 


Episode 6: Prophetic Dreams | Daniel (20 minutes)
Daniel has an amazing story – God allowed him to interpret dreams and God gave him dreams of the future. Watch this episode to learn how God gives us dreams that can bring peace and security to our lives. 


Episode 7: Warning Dreams | Angel Gabriel (17 minutes)
Gabriel, one of God’s angels, appeared in Joseph’s dream to give him instructions, which eventually saved Mary, baby Jesus and Joseph from Herod. Find out more in this episode about how God wants to keep us safe and how God speaks to us in our dreams! 


Episode 8: Preparation Dreams | Peter (20 minutes)
Peter became the first-ever apostle to share the gospel with foreigners, which saved a lot of people! But he first had a dream that prepared him. Learn more about how God gives us dreams that prepare us for change. 


Episode 9: Prophetic Dreams | Isaiah (18 minutes)
In this special episode, Mr J. travelled to meet the prophet Isaiah, who had a vision about Jesus’ life long before Jesus was born. Watch how God can give us dreams and visions that may seem out of this world, but we can write them down and be amazed by what God can do! 


Episode 10: Direction Dreams | Paul (18 minutes)
Paul had a dream that gave him a new direction in his life. As he obeyed, he travelled to Europe, met new friends and spread the gospel to many places. Through dreams, God can give us direction for our families and for ourselves! 


Episode 11: Prophetic Dreams | John (25 minutes)
God wants to give us prophetic dreams for ourselves and for the people in our lives. Watch this episode to learn about John, who wrote many books including Revelation, which continues to encourage millions of people today! 


The Born to Dream curriculum is the fourth instalment of Kingdomcity’s “Born to Be...” kids curriculum series, written and directed by Jemima Varughese. It features themes such as confirmation, prophecy, impartation, preparation, destiny and much more. This curriculum will set your children on the path to hearing God through their dreams. Dive into the 11 episodes in this series and learn more about how we were born to dream! 

This digital download package includes 11 powerful video messages that your children will love, along with custom-made printable activities, original kids' music, curriculum guides for teachers and pastors, and much more! This package also includes eight bonus Kids Praise & Worship videos that your children will love! 


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